Tuesday, July 2, 2013

7 Reasons Why Beauty Industry PRO's are Choosing Motives by Loren Ridinger and Motives for LaLa!!

  1. Premium quality make-up and skin care at a price-point anyone can afford.
    1. Complements every skin tone, type and color
    2. Perfect formulas and pigmentation for easy application
    3. Powders are micro-pulverized for a smooth, flawless finish
    4. Hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic
  2. Motives Cosmetics Website
    1. Taps into the fastest growing distribution channel in beauty care
    2. Personalized site that is consistently updated with fresh content
    3. Keeps you open for business 24/7
  3. Loren Ridinger
    1. Creative Director of Motives
    2. Senior VP of Marketamerica.com
    3. Internet mogul and philanthropist
    4. Loren’s World – “Top 100 websites for Women” – Forbes Magazine
    5. Named one of “Top 100 most influential women” by Vogue Magazine
    6. Selected by Haute Living as one of NY/Miami most influential residents
    7. Recipient of 2009 “Women of Substance and Style” Award
    8. Co-chair with Eva Longoria of Rally for Kids with Cancer
  4. Customizable foundations unrivaled anywhere in the industry
    1. Provides an unparalleled opportunity to offer exclusive products, foster customer loyalty and reap substantial profits
    2. Includes modifiers and enhancers that allow you to further customize the foundation and target specific concerns
  5. Press and Media Exposure
    1. Loyal Celebrity following
    2. Through magazines and websites, the Motives brand exposed to over 90 million consumers
  6. Education, training and support
    1. Affordable National training system
    2. Courses in makeup application and custom blending
    3. Business training and coaching by experienced consultants
  7. Proven business model to achieve financial success for you and your business
    1. We have found that by incorporating cosmetic, skincare and nutrition, salons and makeup artists can take back a major market share in which their clients are already spending money elsewhere.
    2. Business building tools, support and education are provided
    3. Create the lifestyle that YOU want, earn the income YOU desire.                                                              SHOP MOTIVES www.motivescosmetics.com/glamstatus 
Would you like to learn how you can earn an additional income with cosmetics and skin care? Contact me and I will teach you how.


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